A Few Things To Do Right Now 

Talk to a Friend/Family Member

This sounds cliche and you've probably heard it all before but I promise you if you haven't done this yet this is a massive step towards working through everything. It's amazing how much other people have been through, how much sharing helps and how much love there is out there!

Download the Headspace App

Sometimes it's tough to get our mind to be quiet and we run away with our thoughts and end up in a spiral that we struggle to control. Meditation is such a powerful tool to help get on top of your brain. The clever team at HeadSpace have developed an incredible app to get you started.

Take Back Control - Yoga!

I find when i'm in the depths of depression that my busy mind stops me stay in control of my body - I eat my feelings or shut off the outside world under a blanket (which aren't bad things) but I want to feel like I'm in control. Megan introduced me to yoga and it is amazing for clearing the mind and owning your body. I started following "Yoga with Adrienne" on YouTube - it is great.

Fully Embrace the Need to Rest

Sometimes my life is just go, go, go and my mind follows suit. Depression helps bring you back to the here and now. It reminds you that you need a rest and to switch off - guilt free. Turn the mind off - settle in for a day on the sofa and a good film, let all the thoughts of what I have to do go. This can't last forever but in moderation your mind will thank you.

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