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Opening Up Isn't Easy

After baring my soul by publishing the first couple of Mental Adventurist blogs I received incredible support and you’d think the next bit would be easy – just keep talking about mental health.

Except it hasn’t been, I guess talking about a lot of this stuff to so many people, thinking through everything I’ve been through and the stories I want to share made me take a couple of steps back.

The reality of what I was doing dawned on me – talking, no holds barred about your deepest emotions, I suddenly got stage fright. Coupled with a lot of life changes (work, location etc.) I knew that I needed some more help myself and decided it's time to get myself back in to some form of therapy (more of which I'll talk about in future blogs). I guess the little tumble I took on my bike (broken collarbone) has also slowed things down a little!

I’ve sat down a few times in the last months to write the next blog. I’m looking now at the folder on my computer full of drafts.

So after a few months of self-reflection and change I’m ready to pick it up again. The main reason I want to drive forward with the Mental Adventurist blog is that having published the first blog post I’ve had a few friends/acquaintances get in touch to say, "What you wrote really helped?" and that my opening up has helped them open up.

We’ve shared our experiences, our emotions and our strategies for handling mental health struggles. More than ever it has made me realise that having a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend is one of the best therapies and yet it is one of the first things many shut themselves away from when facing up to depression.

So I hope The Mental Adventurist can be a catalyst for a mental health community that encourages openness, warmth and support at those times when people most need it.

Now I don’t want to ramble on for ages in these blogs because I want them to be taken on board with as little effort a possible so rather than launching in to some big spiel now I thought I’d give you a little taster of what’s to come.

I am currently reading a great book on sleep and there’s lots of great stuff related to mental health that I want to share from that, I’ll finally get around to discussing “Gut” a book that I finished a while ago on the link between the brain and our stomachs, I recently lost my incredible Grandma who taught me the importance of family and kindness – I want to talk a little about her and grief.

Finally, I wanted to finish by saying I am no expert and I hope that others will join in The Mental Adventurist journey and share their thoughts, emotions and strategies with others so that we can all continue to grow together. I for sure need to get better at sharing. I also want to be told when I’ve said something miss-placed or that doesn’t work for everyone. Let’s go on a mental adventure together!

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