Mental Health and Adventure
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Mind maps, meditation, 

nutrition, useful books and all that jazz

Real maps, tips, tricks,

places to go, bucket lists, the environment and alike

Just other stuff I love from people to places. Politics to planes.

Talking openly about mental health and adventure

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Hi, I'm Ollie. Sometimes I can be found running across a cold mountain peak or cycling towards a beautiful sunset in some far flung place. Other times I can be found under my duvet and even the thought of lifting one foot out of bed is too much. 

I think depression and other mental illness is often misunderstood. The aim of The Mental Adventurist website is to raise awareness and understanding of mental health and to show that even though there are some really tough times you can overcome anything. A mental illness doesn't have to stop you living your dreams, you just have to welcome the black dog along for the ride.



The Mental Adventurist

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